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An optional cooler holder that can be mounted independently anywhere on your trailer. You decide where to mount the cooler holder making it easier and more convenient than ever before. Holds up to a five gallon cooler.
COOLER  $59.99

The Jungle Wheels Stand-on-sulky from Jungle Jim's gives you a competitive advantage because you can mow faster, easier, and leave lawns looking better with no unwanted tracks. 
JW-2    $269.99

The new and improved Jungle Jack from Jungle Jim's now gives you the ability to lift virtually any size commercial mower with ease. Both the front and rear of any mower can be picked up by the new Jungle Jack to help you perform all your maintenance duties. The Jungle Jack rolls on its two wheels, making it very easy to take anywhere you need, to service your equipment. The Jungle Jack not only has bigger tires, but also a large foot assist for heavier mowers.


Optional Tool Rack for the 2TR, 3TR, or 4TR.

Note: Freight Charges may apply if equipment is a non-stocking item for AOPE

Sprayer Rack
The Jungle Sprack mounts to your trailer and secures one backpack sprayer. Locking mechanism deters theft .
SP Sprack $74.99

Blower Holders (2 Blowers)

Trimmer Rack (Holds 4 trimmers w/line holder)   4TR  $266.99

Trimmer Rack (2 Trimmers)  

Locking Bar

Compression Pin (the compression pin and hook device prevents spinning of the equipment, while the trailer is in motion)

Trimmer Rack (2 Trimmers)  

Blower Holder (1 Blower)

Spool Mate Line Holder

Arch Ramps

Model 612
Aluminum Arch Ramp
6'4" x 12" 1,000 lb capacity

Model 712
Aluminum Arch Ramp
7'4" x 12" 1,500 lb Capacity

Bi-Fold Ramps

Model 444H
Bi-Fold Ramp
6' x 44" 28lbs, 1,000 lb Capacity

Model 744H
Bi-Fold Ramp
6'10" x 44" 32lbs, 1,500 lb Capacity

Model 844H
Bi-Fold Ramp
7'10" x 44" 28lbs, 1,500 lb Capacity

Be sure to always use safety cables or safety straps when loading and unloading equipment. Make sure to read both the safety guide supplied with our ramps along with the owners manual for the particular type of equipment being loaded.

Our loading ramps follow a numbering scheme that will tell you the approximate length and width of the ramp. The last two numbers indicate the width of the ramp in inches. The first number(s) indicate the approximate length of the ramp in feet. Therefore #712 would be a ramp that is about 7 feet long and 12 inches wide. #1012 would be about 10 feet long and 12 inches wide.

Five Star Manufacturing Inc. has been manufacturing aluminum ATV ramps since 1986. In 1988 we started manufacturing our highly successful auto-body line.

Five Star Manufacturing is located in Southwest Missouri and currently have 34 employees. We take pride in the fact that our products are all American made.

We make several different styles of ATV ramps, including custom orders for those with special needs.

We recently added three new products to our production line: the TWC-7 ramp for loading wheelchairs, a round-bale feeder for farm use and a cargo carrier for use with vehicles