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With approved credit

Are you an "experienced" small engine mechanic looking for employment? AOPE currently has postions available for the "right" candidates.  So if you qualify and are interested, please send your resume to service@austinoutdoorpower.com or come into our location and apply in person. See below for full Job Description


Most Powered Reel Mowers up to 27"
Most Non-Powered Reel Mowers

Most Lawn Mower Blades
$7 ea Off - $10 ea On Unit
Chainsaw Chains up to 24" Bars
$7 ea Off - $10 ea On Units

Chainsaw Chains Over 24" Bar
$10 ea off - $13 ea On Unit
Most Carbide Chains $25.00 ea

Most Powered Hedge Clippers
$30.00 If checked in. 

Most Lawn & Garden Hand Tools
$8-$12 ea. -
Brush Cutter Blades, Circular Saw Blades, Hand Saws, Knives...

  General Service
  * Oil Change - "Oil is a Part"
  * Basic Fuel Flush
  * Blades Sharpened (excluding hedge clippers)
  * Air Filter Replaced (as needed)
  * Spark Plug Replaced (as needed)
  * Fuel Filter Replaced (as needed)
  * Oil Filter Replaced (as needed)

General Service Pricing
   Most 2 Cycle Equipment
  $45.00 Plus Parts

   Most 22" and Smaller Lawn Mowers
  $50.00 Plus Parts

   Most Larger Walk Behinds & Riders
  $100.00 Plus Parts

Sharpening Services

General Service

General Service also includes a visual inspection of  such items as Belts, Pulleys, Cables, Fuel-lines, Tires & Wheels.

Replacement of these items will result in additional charges.

NOTE: ALL Carbuertor Rebuilds will have additional labor charges.

Current Average Repair Turn Around Time

*** Excluding Weekends & Parts Related Issues ***

Home Owners
10-14 Business Days

Commercial Lawncare Customers
4-7  Business Days

General Service
Includes the following where applicable and/or as required.
Oil Change, Blades checked and sharpened, Basic Fuel Flush, Air Filter, Spark Plug, Fuel and Oil Filters replaced. 

NOTE: Carburetor Rebuilds are $10.00 Extra for ALL Products checked in for General Service. (including Riders & Large WAW Walk Behinds) .

AOP also performs a visual inspection as part of the general service on such items as Belts, Pulleys, Cables, Fuel lines, Tires & Wheels...   However, additional fees will be incurred for the repair/replacement of these items. Note: We no longer repair Carburetors individually... they must be on the unit.

For Quotes... Reference the Shop Minimums Below

$90.00 Minimum (For Quotes )
ALL Handhelds and Small Equipment
I.E. Most 2 Cycle Equipment, 20-22" Mowers,
Mini-Tillers, Most Portable Generators ...
$200.00 Minimum (For Quotes )
All larger equipment such as Riding Lawn Mowers, Commercial Series Walk Behinds, Trailered Equipment.

*** ALL Pressure Washers Require a $50.00 Deposit and $200.00 Minimum for Quotes on Repairs

Note: Shop Minimums do
reflect minimum charges, only the limit of which you will receive a notice from AOP that the repair may exceed the above charges.

For all repairs a $25.00 Deposit is required, which will be fully applied to the repair of the customers unit. If we do find additional items that are "required" as part of an estimate and the customer declines to do the repair, the deposit will be applied to the costs associated  with the check in and repair estimate.  You will need the model and serial number of your equipment and basic information for us to create a work order.

Please NOTE: The Deposits applied are are an "Estimate/Teardown Fee". Reassembly of a unit that has been diagnosed as "Not Cost Effective to Repair" will have additional fees for reassembly of the unit.

  Did You Know? Most mowers, especially mulching mowers will drop RPM's (power) as the season goes along and you won't even realize it. Before you know it you will be fighting the grass and weeds to make your lawn and garden look their best. You shouldn't have to fight you lawn equipment too. Service your outdoor power equipment now so it will be ready when you are. Bring your mower or other lawn equipment to Austin Outdoor Power today. Walk Behind Mowers and Riding Mowers, Tillers, Trimmers, Blowers and more...our Factory Trained Technicians can service most makes and models. Pick up and delivery may be available in your area for an additional charge.

Thank you for considering Austin Outdoor Power for your service and parts requirements... we look forward to working with you soon.
Beat the rush and save, Schedule Service or stop by Austin Outdoor Power today.

If your equipment has a small gasoline engine (18cc-31hp) on it, chances are we can repair it.
Purchased your lawn equipment elsewhere and need warranty work without the wait? AOPE is factory authorized by most leading major manufacturers and has one of the quickest repair turn around times in the industry!!! Located in Austin on North Lamar (between Braker & Kramer Lanes) with access from all major highways in the area. for directions click here

Shop Labor Rate is $60.00 per Hour.

Note: Due to the volume of "seasonal" work performed, AOP does not quote repairs at the counter.
Customers may request a quote if an item goes over our Shop Minimums listed below.

Can ethanol damage your engine?
Automakers have filed a lawsuit against the EPA's decision to make E15 (gasoline with 15 percent alcohol) legal for all cars after 2007. They argue that, among other problems, the blend could damage the engine. ... Just about every gallon of gas pumped today contains as much as 10 percent domestically produced ethanol.

It is a misconception to think Small Engine Service Centers Benefit from Ethanol, It truly causes endless customer related issues due to repeat failures as a result of Ethanol. Education on the effects of Ethanol is our best defense...

Small Engine Service & Repair

Drop off and Pick Up of Repair Items
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Service Department Hours
Monday Thru Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm