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the effects of Ethanol in Outdoor Power Equipment

Why Do You Need VP Fuels?
Ethanol –
The Scourge of Small Engines
With increasing frequency, ethanol in today's street gasoline fouls carburetors and degrades fuel systems in portable gas-powered tools, making them difficult, if not impossible, to start. As a solvent, ethanol frees up the gunk in fuel tanks and engines that can clog carburetors and fuel lines. The size of a small engine exaggerates this effect, as smaller fuel lines and smaller components are more quickly compromised by these deposits.

When equipment is stored for lengthy periods, e.g. lawnmowers during winter or snowblowers during summer, the ethanol absorbs moisture and separates from the gasoline yielding insufficient lubrication for the engine, while also degrading rubber fuel lines and plastic components in the fuel system. These issues will only get worse now that the EPA has increased the ethanol allowed in street gas from 10% to 15%.

The Perfect Fuel For Light Equipment
VP Fuels are ethanol-free and specifically formulated by the experts at VP Racing Fuels with the highest quality components for top performance, long life and durability of your portable gas-powered equipment. 

VP Fuels Ensure Easier Starts and Worry-Free Long-Term Storage
With no ethanol and other unique properties to keep it stable, VP Fuel is an excellent long-term storage fuel. It will remain stable indefinitely in a sealed container and won’t degrade plastic, rubber or fiberglass components in your fuel system, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits idle for many months. It’s so reliable, many Fire & Rescue units have come to depend on it.

Fuel Stabilizers Aren't Enough
Fuel stabilizers can't fix all the problems associated with ethanol - the ethanol is still present in the fuel. Ethanol-free VP Fuels prevents these problems from occurring in the first place. 

VP Fuels Ensures Better Performance
In addition to easier starts, your equipment will run cleaner, smoother and you’ll see better throttle response.

Avoid Costly Repairs, Rebuilds or Frustration
Like many homeowners, landscapers, outdoorsmen, farmers, emergency workers and others, you may have experienced what its like to deal with a tool that won't work when needed and the inconvenience of costly rebuilds. Even if you haven't experienced this, VP Fuels can help make sure you won’t. Because VP Fuels extends the engine life of your light equipment, the inconvenience, cost and frustration of hard starts and repairs due to fuel problems will be a thing of the past.

Austin Outdoor Power is dedicated in working with our customers to ensure they are aware of the issues we see in our service department. Above and beyond all other issues are the effects of Ethanol in small engines. The below information and pics should help AOP Customers understand the issue is not a local problem and we are doing what we can to educate them of any and all issues as they arise.

Manufacturer's Notice: A majority of the carburetors being replaced and returned under warranty are for problems related to fuel quality and contamination, not due to defects in materials or workmanship.

The fuel being used today is making these problems even more prevalent, therefore it is more important than ever for end users to maintain the fuel system according to the guidelines published in their operators manual. 

All warranty claims for carburetor replacements must be for an identifiable defect in material or workmanship as documented in the warranty statement.

Over 75% of Repairs on Small Engines with Starting/Running Issues are Fuel Related... Primarily Due to ETHANOL