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Avoid costly repairs not covered under warranty and extend the life of your ECHO Equipment

ECHO equipment is professional-grade and comes at a premium price. You just invested a lot of money in your ECHO product and you want it to run at its highest capability year in and year out. The best way to do that, and avoid a costly repair that is not covered by warranty, is to properly maintain the equipment and use the right fuel every time. Did you know that using alternative fuels in ECHO 2-stroke engines will void your engine warranty over time? And that engine and carburetor problems can still occur when running your equipment on approved 10% or less ethanol content, depending on how your fuel is stored and if the fuel in use is older than 30 days?

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Why does bad fuel damage engines?
Today's modern fuel's contain ETHANOL and BIO-DIESEL which attract water and cause issues such as phase separation, corrosion, fuel decay, instability, and contaminants. These issues directly affect your engines and power equipment in a negative way.

Ethanol Blended Gasoline
Ethanol blended gasoline (the E-10 gas you buy at the pump) contains 10% Ethanol. Ethanol in fuel attracts water and settles on the bottom of your fuel tank to cause a corrosive Ethanol / Water mixture (phase separation). This corrosive mix moves from the fuel tank to your engine causing problems such as varnish / gum, severe corrosion, and dried / brittle rubber and plastic parts.